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LDPC Multigun Procedures and Rules

• We will observer all LDPC and IDPA safety rules including but not limited to:

o This is a cold range.   

o All handguns are uncased/cased only at your vehicle pointing into your trunk

o Longs must have chamber flags and remained cased until instructed by SO

o Carts for long guns are permitted – muzzle down and chamber flag required

o All firearms are to remain unloaded until told to do so by a Safety Office o Handgun remains in the holster until instructed to do so by a Safety Office

o The 4 rules of Gun Safety will be followed AT ALL TIMES

o Violation of these or any IDPA safety regulations will be an immediate DQ

o Breaking a muzzle safety point will results in a DQ • Classifications and Divisions

o Divisions are as follows:

o CO - An optic(red dot or scope) on any pistol/rifle/shotgun

o ESP - Iron sights on all pistol/rifle/shotgun

o PCC - Rifle is pistol caliber(optic allowed)

o CDP - Pistol 45 cal or larger(optic allowed) 8 round max

o You are classified at your highest IDPA classification • Division Capacities/restrictions:

o Pistol - all internal/external modifications allowed. 17 round max(CDP 8 round max)

o Rifle - all internal/external modifications allowed. 30 round max ▪ No SBR or AR-pistol.  16 inch minimum barrel length

o Shotgun - all internal/external modifications allowed. 6 round max ▪ Must have shoulder stock – 18 inch minimum barrel length • Ammunition guidelines

o Shotgun – 7 ½ or 8 birdshot only.   

o Rifle – 223/5.56 or 7.62 max.  Lead core only, no steel core.

o Pistol – lead core only • Scoring

o Normal IDPA carboard targets with 0, -1, -3 scoring rings

o Steel must fall or react depending on the target

o Clay must break • Misc

o No slings

o Weapons must be on safe when placing them or removing them from staging barrels

o Transport rifle/shotgun either barrel up or down when moving it from your bag/cart to the firing line